Formal Closet 1.0

What I'm wearing:
Dress: £28
Shoes: Anne Michelle Lace Court Shoes £45
Although you can buy the shoes for cheaper on ebay for around £25

I absoloutely love this dress and wore it to my Year 11 leavers day. It's so beautiful I had to share it with you guys ;) The lace detail on the arms and at the bottom is so intricate and delicate, never seen anything like it!

You can also buy the same dress in other colours like plum & black @ bodycondress. But I chose white which worked out quite well since it makes me look tanner than I actually am, haha. I kept it simple and elegant, it doesn't really need any accessories.

I also adore the shoes, I wanted to find something lacey to match the outfit and ones that weren't too high. I'm hopeless at wearing heels! So I found these (: & they're 1.5 / 2 inch. I love that it's a different colour to the dress as well. Cream & white go well together. What do you think? (: